Nomadic Skies


Silk Trade & Pilgrim Routes of Armenia

A journey from the sophisticated streets of Yerevan to the mountains of Southern Armenia discovering the hidden trade and pilgrim routes and among the ancient and modern villages of rural Armenia

Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies

Journey essentials

  • 13 days/12 nights from Yerevan
  • Internationally and locally led by experts in rural development and Armenia
  • 4 nights in a high quality, boutique hotel in Yerevan
  • 3 nights in hotels in Southern Armenia (Goris and Yeghegis)
  • 5 nights supported camp trekking in Southern Armenia (Supported by 4WD vehicle to transport luggage and equipment)
  • 7 days of moderate to hard trekking in total.

Journey dates: 2024

  • 19th May to 31st May

Journey highlights

A scenic, cultural and historic journey
  • Historical and cultural sites of the sophisticated city of Yerevan
  • Discovering Armenia’s 6000 year old wine making tradition (and collecting modern wine for our journey)
  • Traveling to stay at the remote mountain village of Khachik to watch the sun descend behind soaring snow-capped Mount Ararat (5137M)
  • Exploring the habitat of the Caucasian Leopard and the impressive Bezoar Goat with WWF community rangers as part of a collaboration to support emerging Ecco-tourism in Armenia
  • Pioneering a route through the Vorotan River Gorge that has not been walked by other trekking groups.
  • Travelling along hidden trails, village paths and mountain tracks and through natural forest, high mountain pastures and rocky hillsides with stunning views.
  • Staying in and exploring the ancient ghost villages that were forcibly evacuated during the soviet era.
  • Staying beside mountain villages far from any tourist trail and in villages where groups have never stayed before.
  • Having local villagers s host or join us for meals to explore the food, culture, history, legends and modern life of rural Armenia.
  • Discovering well known but also hidden ancient churches, monasteries, cave cities and monuments of a truly ancient land.
  • Puzzling about the meaning of the prehistoric standing stones of Zorats Karer reputed to be an ancient celestial observatory.
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies

Background of the journey

Our founder, Gavin Anderson, has advised on rural development projects in Armenia for more than 13 years, building relationships with small local development organisations, conservation bodies and mountain communities.

This unique journey was developed in collaboration with a small local rural development organisation (SDA), The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Armenia, local mountain communities and Gevorg Gasparyen a leading mountain climber trek leader, who Gavin first met around 10 years ago when he was working as a veterinarian adviser in hill communities in rural Armenia.

Map of our Journey

Silk Trade and pilgrim routes of Southern Armenia
Overall route
Main trek route
Day trek Khachik
Day trek Yeghegis
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies

"A unique experience, very much into the heart of the Dolpo-pa, unlike other treks which speed through the landscape and seldom touch the culture."

Nomadic Skies
Anne Ince

"It's as if we were part of a BBC documentary on the indigenous people of Dolpo. An amazing experience."

Nomadic Skies
Jeanette Arnott

“Incredible journey to one of the most beautiful places on earth with the opportunity to interact in a meaningful way with locals— gaining deeper insights and enjoying the warmest of welcomes.”

Nomadic Skies
Linda Di Maio
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies
Nomadic Skies

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Nomadic Skies



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Nomadic Skies



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Nomadic Skies

Silk Trade and Pilgrim Routes of Southern Armenia